3 Reasons Your Brain Need More Oxygen

Ever consider what it is like to have your brain without enough oxygen? Most people can relate if you have ever been held under water, held your breath for another reason, or even gotten choked in some way. Most of the time it is not a huge problem for a few moments, but over time you will have a lot of negative consequences if there is not enough oxygen in your brain at all times. Here are 3 of the reasons why your brain needs more oxygen:deep breath

  • It functions better – With oxygen, your brain not only functions (without it you would die), but it also functions better. That is why some people who struggle with altitude sickness have a lot harder time concentrating and focusing on work. For some reason the lack of oxygen causes distress that is hard to overcome.
  • Memories form easier – with drugs like piracetam, the primary mechanism that improves memory is the increased uptake of acetylcholine into the hippocampus. However, there is also increased blood flow (which brings oxygen) to the brain, which is a big help as well.
  • It feels good – if you have ever had a can of oxygen or gone to an oxygen bar (popular among mountain climbers), you’ll realize just how good it feels! This isn’t just an option that you should use for brain health purposes – it can make you feel great too.

Now that you have a few reasons why you should be adding more oxygen for your brain, it is time to consider how you can go about the process of doing so. The number one tip we would offer is to use nootropics, such as racetams, which have a proven track record of increasing the oxygen levels in the brain. Reputable suppliers of nootropics can offer a COA for their products, that’s one reason we like Pure Nootropics (www.purenootropics.net), in addition to several other vendors as mentioned here.