4 Tools for Brain Enhancement

Improving your brain and cognitive abilities has never been as easy to track and record as it is today. Modern technology, which will continue to evolve and support, is helping millions of people to quantify their habits and make life more creative, function better, or just purely more enjoyable.

Within this article, we’ll provide an overview of 4 different tools for brain enhancement that will make your life far more enjoyable and high functioning.

4 Tools Every Brain Hacker Needs

When a diabetic individual has the diagnosis, it’s not long before they usually have a huge array of technology at their disposal. They usually have glucose meters, alert apps, and a variety of other tools to make sure the body does not go into shock or have some type of diabetes related problem.

brain-workoutIn the case of your brain, there should be a policy of prevention so that you can avoid any of the long-term memory problems like Alzheimer’s disease etc. With tools and a policy of prevention, you can have a much easier time avoiding long-term health issues. Here are the 4 best tools:

  1. Sleep Cycle App – this app helps you to track your sleep, but it gives you valuable information about your cycle, how deep your sleep is etc. Given that we spend about a third of our lives in sleep and it has a very important function for mammals, it is important to take more consideration of this habit than most people do. This simple paid app will help you to record and track your sleep to see how it can be improved.
  2. Luminosity – while there are plenty of “brain games”, you might want to look at this one first as it is the most popular. Taking these kinds of fun games is going to vastly improve your memory and learning ability, but at the same time it is simply fun!
  3. Nootropics – everything is a tool and so are smart drugs. You can meditate for years and have an “alpha wave” brain state (indicating relaxation), or you can take a dose of L-theanine. Either way, you are going to find that nootropics are a great solution, but they are not a “quick fix”. Do not abuse them if you can prevent that from happening. (Note: We like www.purenootropics.net as a reliable supplier of nootropic supplements.)
  4. Mercury App – this is a subjective app that measures “mood” and “happiness”, which might seem silly, but is actually very important. One of the more important parts of the brain are the sections that modulate mood and feelings of anxiety or depression. The more depressed or anxious you are, the less likely you will be to have any success. Use the Mercury app and you can keep track of your mood on regular intervals and see what might be causing disruptions.

There you have it! The 4 different tools that every brain hacking whiz should have in his or her tool belt. Most of the time, you’ll find that the best tools are the ones that help you to either enhance some aspect of your brain or track the changes you have made.

There is no quick fix for improving memory, concentration, or general cognitive abilities. It will not make you successful overnight, but it might help to avoid some of the long-term problems that are becoming more popular and that is something to be very excited about.